Creative facilitation

Creative facilitation enables singularity of focus on the output – making sure that facilitation techniques meet the needs of the group

Giving people time and space to explore and talk

putting the emphasis on the group rather than the facilitator – gently adjusting the plan to suit the emerging dynamics and topics of discussion Using all the senses – making sure that the event is an experience as well as a conversation

Keeping it simple – the emphasis needs to be on enabling the conversations that solve the problems or meet the challenges being faced by the group rather than a sugarcoated experience that does not really achieve what is needed

Put in some photos of facilitation techniques paragraph mention some of the specific techniques that get used, and that it is about combination of techniques and the intent to which they are putting in place rather than the techniques being used

The advantages of a facilitator

Focus on process to allow the group to focus on content
Independently able to manage group dynamics and intervene without concern
Bring in new thinking and ideas i’m a different perspective
More diverse range of processes and techniques to ensure that the primary results is delivered