My work is to transform the performance of organisations and leaders through action-based development and facilitation techniques.

This is achieved through a combination of:

  • Consulting to help define what is possible
  • Action-based programme delivery to help leaders explore the options
  • Coaching (individual and team) to ensure that change happens, and new practices translate into higher levels of performance

All of my work is tailored to the client’s aspirations and needs, and my record at long client relationships is testimony to my ability to continue to deliver over the long term.

The principles by which I work are:

  • No jargon  working in plain language, and making ideas accessible using powerful visual techniques to communicate quickly and impactfully
  • New ideas – you will always have access to fresh thinking and the latest ideas
  • Make it relevant – I tailor all of my work to ensure that it works for you within your industry, organisational and cultural context
  • Deliver in a memorable way – I find that clients get better results when I make it a positive but challenging and stretching experience working with me – so I aim to do exactly that
  • Transfer skills – results only emerge when things happen, so I ensure that there is always an answer to the question “what next?”

I want the very best results for you, and recognise that this happens through the improvement of daily leadership and work practices. All of my work is focused on this through the delivery of an effective mix of leading edge development techniques and focus on solving work-based problems. How I work is a key element of the service delivery to clients.