Realistically optimistic?

Leadership | 19 comments | by Simon Ricketts

When the going gets tough...

Is there enough hope in your leadership to keep going when it gets tough?

How do your followers see you? Or, rather how do they feel when you are around?

Do they react with excitement when you are there?

Being able to enthuse those around you whilst remaining believable is a neat trick – and one most of our leadership development and coaching activity is centred around.

Do a check on your own realistic optimism – is it where it needs to be to have the right impacts on those around you?

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Welcome to Warwick(i)

Uncategorized | 11 comments | by Simon Ricketts

Developing leaders to maximise organisation performanceHi! This is our new site and it is under development as you view it…

We are moving to a more interactive site through which we hope to bring fresh thinking about your own and your organisation’s leadership on a regular basis

Please take this opportunity to sign up to our Leading Insights mailing in the form on the right of the site


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