Engaging a coach is one of the best investments of time and money you can make for your development, career and ultimate success. 

To get the most from this investment therefore makes complete sense, and this is best done by following some straight forward ‘rules’. These are the principles that I work with, and having them in mind will help us both make sure that the relationship delivers what it needs to for you.

Confidentiality – the conversations we have need to be open and free-flowing and as such, confidentiality is paramount. The only feedback I will give the company will be very general progress reports, e.g. ‘going well’ or ‘negotiating some challenges’. I may, however, at times encourage you to engage in someone else with this information where I think it will be productive to do so.

Focus – what we discuss in our sessions needs to be driven by you – you know what is important to you, what is challenging you and what would be most helpful to discuss and resolve. It is therefore helpful if you give this a little thought before each session, although I will help find a focus if nothing is coming to mind. I have yet to have a client meeting where we didn’t find something meaningful to talk through.

Boundaries – although the nature of my coaching is business-focused, leadership demands a lot from us at a more personal and human level. This can take the conversation to a more personal level, and you need to determine if this is acceptable for you. At any point in our relationship it is more than OK to say ‘I don’t want to discuss this’ or indeed to take the conversation into a more personal zone. You’re in control.

Timings – when we schedule meetings, I appreciate that ‘life happens’ but would ask for 48 hours notice for a meeting reschedule. It is also helpful to be on time for meetings and to keep to the meeting timings, as we are both likely to have meetings afterwards. Generally our meetings will be 1 to 1.5 hours in length.

First meeting preparation – this is a very common question before a first meeting. The general answer is to just bring yourself and let me do the rest! However, if there are aspects of our relationship that are particularly important to you, it would be good to understand these from the very start.

Keeping to these principles will allow a clear relationship that enables generative and productive conversations, and allow you to get the most of this investment in you. 

You never know, we might even enjoy the process!